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State EV Support

Illinois has taken trailblazing action to accelerate EV manufacturing growth and an economy that runs on 100% clean energy – but we are just getting started.  With the REV Act and CEJA, Illinois knows that bold legislative action must be complemented by activities that support regional collaboration, flex the State’s purchasing power, and ensure State policies and activities support transportation electrification.

Supporting EV Growth in Illinois for Consumers and Manufacturers

  • Incentivizing Consumer EV Purchases:
    • Up to $4,000 in rebates for consumers who purchase an EV.
    • Rebates of up to 80 percent of the cost of charging installation for consumers with additional funds available if locating charging station in a low-income community.
  • Illinois is using VW Settlement Funds to convert public transit and school buses to electric and funding more charging stations.

Regional Electric Vehicle (REV) Midwest MOU

Illinois joined Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in signing the REV Midwest memorandum of understanding to accelerate vehicle electrification in the Midwest. Among the goals, the REV Midwest MOU lays the foundation to create a network of charging stations so residents can seamlessly travel from state to state.

Investing in a Statewide Public EV Charging Network

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is implementing the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, a part of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that provides $148 million over 5 years to Illinois to establish an interconnected public EV charging network, first prioritizing stations along the interstate highway system. The Illinois EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan details the state’s approach to deploying public charging infrastructure that provides convenient, accessible, reliable, and equitable electric vehicle charging throughout the state.

IDOT submitted its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation on August 1, 2022. Additional funding will be available to communities through a competitive grant program administered by the Federal Highway Administration. The details of this grant program have not yet been released by the federal government. Learn more.

Electrifying the State Fleet

Governor Pritzker signed an Executive Order to ensure future vehicles purchased or leased by the State of Illinois, to the extent possible, will be low-emission or zero-emission vehicles.  Illinois is currently developing a plan to procure and encourage the use of electric vehicles for state employees and the general public.

Direct to Consumer Sales

Illinois allows EV manufacturers to sell their products direct to the consumer. This was reinforced by an Illinois Attorney General’s Office advisory opinion.

EV Working Group

Seeing a need to coordinate agency activities, multiple state agencies formed an EV Working Group to focus on policies, programs, and strategies to support the EV industry in Illinois.  The group meets regularly to share best practices, exchange ideas, and advance initiatives that support Illinois’ growing EV ecosystem.