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In September 2022, Illinois joined six other Midwestern states in announcing the development of the Midwest Hydrogen Coalition, an agreement that will boost the state’s decarbonization efforts. In addition to Illinois, the coalition includes Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

The agreement builds on Illinois’ landmark Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, which set a national standard for aggressive decarbonization goals by pledging to be completely reliant on clean energy by 2050.

The creation of this coalition allows for a multi-state, multi-sector approach for leveraging each state's unique assets to be adopted to ensure the development of the hydrogen production industry across the Midwest. This approach will be informed by collaborating with leaders in industry, academia, and community engagement, with the state of Illinois utilizing its world class colleges and universities to lead the way on research and development of innovative clean energy technologies.

Investing in clean hydrogen is a key component of decarbonizing the transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. By jumpstarting the hydrogen market in the Midwest, the state of Illinois will add to its robust number of clean energy jobs and bring down the cost of clean energy alternatives for those who reside here. Additionally, this agreement will lead to reduced pollution, enhanced energy security and improved public health conditions for all Illinoisans. Simultaneously, the status of globally competitive industries will be protected, and emerging industries will be encouraged to increase their footprint in the Midwest.