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Unmatched Connectivity

Illinois has capitalized on its central location in North America and the U.S. by building up a robust transportation, distribution and logistics infrastructure to move products and people. By manufacturing your products in Illinois, your company can quickly connect with other locations in your supply chain.

Air, Rail, Land, & Water – Illinois Leads the Nation in Transportation Infrastructure

Rail: Illinois is the largest rail hub in the country and the only state with all seven Class 1 freight railroads – making freight access to over 80% of the continental U.S. possible in 72 hours or less.

Air: O’Hare International Airport offers the most flights in the U.S., and the most nonstop overseas. Through O’Hare, all major markets in North America are accessible within four hours.

Land: Illinois has the 3rd largest interstate highway system in the U.S.  Over 75% of the US population, plus three of Canada’s most populous cities, is within 2-Day Ground Delivery. Trucks can access over 70% of Eastern U.S. locations in 13 hours or less. Illinois already has 558 miles of signed EV corridors and is one of first states to display Alterative Fuel Corridor signage.

Water: Illinois has over 1,000 miles of navigable waterways with two major inland ports and 14 waterway ports, providing access to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

IDOT Services

IDOT – Economic Development Program (EDP) provides state assistance for roadway improvements or new construction necessary for access to new or expanding industrial and manufacturing companies.

  • Funds may be used for preliminary engineering, construction, and construction engineering.
  • The amount of funding is based on the number of permanent full-time jobs created and/or retained by the project and is designed to provide 50% state funding for eligible, locally owned roadways and 100% state funding for roadway improvements on state owned routes. The remaining 50% match must be provided by local government entities or private sources. Up to a maximum of $2M per phase. READ MORE

IDOT-Truck Access Road Program (TARP) aims to help local public agencies upgrade the pavement design of eligible roadways from the old 73,280-pound standard to the new 80,000 pound standard for legally loaded tractor semi-trailers. TARP provides $45,000 per lane mile and $22,000 per eligible intersection for selected projects, up to 50% of the project or $900,000 per phase, whichever is less. READ MORE

Access Management (AM) is a set of techniques that State and local governments can use to control access to highways, major arterials, and other roadways. The benefits of access management include improved movement of traffic including freight from large facilities, reduced crashes, and fewer vehicle conflicts. Access Management provides an important means of maintaining mobility. It calls for effective ingress and egress to a facility, efficient spacing and design to preserve the functional integrity, and overall operational viability of street and road systems.

State of Illinois Access Management administration is broken down by Illinois Department of Transportation district. Find your district contactREAD MORE