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Stable Electric Grid

Illinois’ is ranked 2nd nationally on grid modernization, further ensuring grid stability and resiliency for an active electric vehicle manufacturing sector. Looking ahead, Illinois’ stable, competitive, and efficient electric grid will be further improved by our commitment to creating an economy powered by clean energy.

Electric Grid Reliability

  • Illinois has prioritized grid modernization that installed smart grid technology across the state, installing digital high-tech devices, like automated switches and sensors that detect and isolate outages faster, resulting in improved and industry-leading reliability performance, resulting in over 19.3 million avoided power interruptions since 2012 across Illinois.
  • GridWise Alliance ranks the Illinois electric grid as #2 in the U.S. based on performance, policies, and customer program.

Competitive Electricity Rates

  • Illinois’ electricity prices remain competitive among the United States.
  • Illinois has the second lowest increase in average electric prices in the U.S. (2000-2020) at 24%. Compared to Midwest neighbors that have seen increases averaging 40%.
  • Illinois’ competitive energy markets enable Illinois businesses to negotiate lower supply prices directly with Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers (ARES). Go to to find out more.

Energy Source Mix

  • Illinois is the #1 state in the U.S. for nuclear power, which is a zero emissions energy source.
  • Illinois is ranked #5 nationally in installed wind capacity. 

  • Illinois small-scale solar generation has grown almost eight times since 2017, with overall installed capacity expected to grow by more than 1,700% over the next five years.

Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Since 2008, Illinois utility customers have saved over $6.7 billion in electricity costs, over $172 million in annual business incentives. In the ComEd region alone, 126,000 business customers saved more than $2.2 billion in electricity costs. 

  • The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks Illinois the 15th most energy efficient state.