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External Partners

Illinois has a wealth of research institutions, national laboratories and partners that support Illinois’ innovative economy.

ANL (Argonne National Laboratory)

A multidisciplinary science and engineering research center working in concert with universities, industry and other national laboratories on topics from clean energy to high-energy physics, materials science and advanced computer science. Surrounded by the highest concentration of top-tier research organizations in the world, Argonne leverages its Chicago-area location to lead scientific discovery.

DPI (Discovery Partners Institute)

Led by the University of Illinois System in partnership with local and global research universities, DPI works toward tech talent development for high-demand tech jobs, applied research and development and building a stronger tech ecosystem.

IMA (Illinois Manufacturer’s Association)

Works with Illinois’ manufacturers to promote programs and policies that support Illinois’ manufacturing community.

IMEC (Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center)

Provides local expertise to help manufacturing companies plan, strategize and implement tactics for a competitive future. IMEC offers matching and scouting services to companies to identify supplier partners.

mHUB (Manufacturing HUB)

Removes the barriers for hard-tech entrepreneurs and manufacturers to commercialize new physical products and increase the probability of building a sustainable business.

MxD (Manufacturing x Digital)

In partnership with the Department of Defense, MxD equips U.S. factories with the digital tools and expertise to begin building every part better than the last, including a $380M grant from Department of Defense to transform manufacturing through digitization of the supply chain.